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Saeideh Gilani is an abstract painter who studied textile design in Tehran. Her passion for painting began during her early undergraduate years while taking modules in drawing and visual arts. Outside of university, she explored her love for painting and drawing to enrich her education.

In her artwork, Saeideh blends her academic studies and experiences with semiotics, adding depth to her paintings. This fusion allows her to unite her professional and academic background with her personal interests. Her artistic journey led her to explore new areas of painting, and she found true creative freedom in abstraction.

Drawings and Paintings allow her to explore inner thoughts about the natural world that surrounds us, the appearance of microscopic biological elements, and how these elements interact with each other as a part of the larger universe. As an artist, mostly, she rely on Drawing and its interplay with textures, organic shapes and its flow and expansion in such unpredictable ways that feed my curiosity about infinite universe. I am particularly inspired by the grandeur of nature, the known and unknown in cosmos and galaxies, and the tiny abundant elements - atoms, cells, biological structures, and their various shapes and microscopic appearances. Her work explores the smallest elements, invisible to the naked eye, and conveys their abstract shapes and forms in nature, but not necessarily as they appear in their true existence, but often find their own new reality through her imagination.

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